Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 6 - Magic Kingdom

Day 6 of our vacation was spent in Magic Kingdom. We originally had plans for another character breakfast, but once we realized that Abby was sleeping in, I cancelled it. 

So we slept in and took our time getting to the park. 

Our first ride was Goofy's Barnstormer. I had not idea it was a mini roller coaster. Abby was terrified and cried the whole time. 

After that, we were super excited to ride the famous Dumbo ride.

They have redone the ride and while you wait in line, you actually get a pager for when it is your turn. While you are waiting, they have a giant play area for the kids. Abby was in love with it and it was hard to drag her away to the actual ride! 

It was hard to take pictures (while moving and with my thumb in the picture), but you can tell how thrilled she is! 

Of course, she loved the Merry-Go-Round and insisted on doing that one again. 

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is a panoramic view with the castle behind her. Love! 

We waited for a really long time, but of course had to meet Alice in Wonderland. 

Abby's signature move of her hands on her nose. 

And her embarrassed look. I think she blushed more on this trip than her whole life. 

Alice was so nice and was thrilled to find out that Abby dressed as her for Halloween. 

Abby wasn't so sure about the White Rabbit, but she did let him sign her book.

We were very lucky to be blessed to have the Fast Pass + package. Since it was Saturday, it was definitely the busiest day. Some of the wait times were 100 minutes!

Hanging out in Winnie-the-Pooh's house. 

Waiting in line to ride the Winnie-the-Pooh ride. 

We also had a fast pass to do the Peter Pan ride. Thank goodness as it had a super long line and was a really short ride. 

Watching the parade again. Abby loved it the second time around just as much as the first time. 

Then it was on to the new part that they had just opened a week ago. Belle's castle. 

I didn't really know what to expect for Enchanted Tales with Belle.

It was great! It is a really interactive "show" they put on.

Stu got the part of Suit of Armor. He doesn't show much enthusiasm, but I knew he secretly loved it. 

And I challenge you to find a better Mrs. Potts. She was so good. 

I videoed the whole thing and was so proud of both of them!

Abby and Belle after the show.

The Suit of Armors with Belle.
After this, we left the park for a few hours to prepare for the Fireworks show that night. 

Abby and I took advantage of this downtime to take a dip in the heated pool. 

Once we got back to the park, we had reservations for a Dessert Party that had a great view of the Wishes show and the fireworks.

The Wishes show was spectacular. They project images of all the movies onto the castle. People line up hours before to get a good spot. I was so grateful that I had gotten us seats at the dessert party.

Abby watching the show. She loved it!

But obviously was exhausted staying up that late. And yes, she wore her pj's to the park with leggings. It was that kind of night! 


gammydi said...

ahhhhh these are great and love how Stuart interacted. what a memorable trip. thanks for sharing

Sue B. said...

I'm totally enjoying all the pictures...they bring back fond memories for me. Thank you for sharing such sweet moments of your trip with us. Abby will certainly cherish them forever!