Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

 Wednesday morning we were up super early for a breakfast. We had heard that we needed to get on the bus at 6:30 to make our 8:10 reservation. We ended up at the restaurant at 7:00 AM. Luckily, we were able to get in and didn't have to wait.

This was gorgeous. It was a giant lit Mickey Ears that looked awesome in the morning. 

We had breakfast at Chef Mickey's, which was our first character meal. 

They let you eat first before the characters make the rounds. 

Thank goodness, because this girl was thrilled! 

Check out that smile! 

Such the little diva with her hand on her hip.

Goofy signing her book. 

Abby was so enchanted by her favs coming by to see her. 

Donald Duck

Who do you think she is so excited to meet?

Well.....of course it is Minnie. 

BFF's in the matching polka dots. 

 Getting a squeeze from Pluto.

After that, we took a quick tram ride to Magic Kingdom! 

We were lucky enough that it was overcast with an 80% chance of rain. This kept the masses away and we were able to enjoy a fantastic day at Magic Kingdom.

Abby taking our picture with the castle. 

But she was not happy about getting her picture taken! 

Finally got a semi-decent one though. 

But as soon as we went through the castle and she saw the Merry-Go-Round, she was all smiles. 

Abby and Daddy on the Aladdin ride. 

I couldn't believe that Daddy rode it as he hates rides. They had a blast though. 

One of my other favs was meeting the fairies. 

Tinkerbell imitating Abby with her fingers on her nose.

So cute. 

Her sister Periwinkle. She was too adorable. 

She even kinda got Abby to pose with her hand out. 

These glasses are hilarious. Too bad Mommy lost them a few days later :(

This meeting brought the first tear to my eye. Abby's favorite Princess is Ariel. These pictures don't do it justice, I actually videoed so I didn't have many pictures.

Driving a car with Daddy. About 2 seconds later, she jerked the wheel and terrified herself. 

We lined up early to watch the Parade. Abby is such a little list maker, so to kill time she wrote scribble. But she is so serious about it. 

We actually had a woman ask us if Abby knew cursive. She thought that was what Abby was writing...uh no, just scribbles!

The parade was amazing. For there to be so many people, it really does seem like the Princesses wave to individual people. Abby had the best time. I wrote about our special moment here. It really was one of the best moments of our trip.

Need I say anything? Girl was out like a light, with Minnie curled in her arm. 

BTW, Abby and I shared a bed for the vacation. Which means that I slept on the edge of the bed with little feet in my back and a hand thrown across my face. I woke every morning to either giggles in my ear or a tapping on my face. We are not co-sleepers at all, so this was interesting. It was sweet, but I was ready for her to move back to her big girl bed!

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gammydi said...

now that was a big day. amazing pictures and I felt like I was there watching with all the detail... Stuart and Abby on the rides will be a great memory and you and Abby in the same bed.... these were great pictures...