Friday, November 30, 2012

Catchin' Up

 Now that the 'ole blog is back up, I am dumping all my phone pics. 

Stuart and I walked/ran a 4 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. I beat my record from last year by about a minute. 

It was the perfect start to a day filled with food and family (and no pictures).

On Saturday, Stu and his brothers went and got our tree. 

Real trees are a pain, but so worth it! 

Abby and I had a blast getting all of our Christmas decorations out. 

And of course it was necessary to put the stockings on. 

Then Stu and his brothers went and got Abby's new bed. 

They put it together super fast......

Abby was so happy and just adores her big girl bed! 

Ready for bed! 

She has done really well in the bed. Other than dropping things out and screaming for me to come get them in the middle of the night! 

A few other happenings:

  • Our washing machine is broken. We have google'd, You Tube'd and pretty much done all research we can. We have taken it apart, cleaned it, tested hoses....still not working. So I will be at my parents for the better part of the weekend doing laundry. 
  • Speaking of my parents. A little drama this week. Their dog's electric collar broke so before they could get it fixed, she got out and ate a neighbor's chicken. Why there are chickens in a residential neighborhood is a whole other issue. Neighbor got pissed and long story short, they put the dog to sleep :( I still haven't told Abby. I am not looking forward to it when we go over there tomorrow. 
  •  We leave for Disney in 10 days!!!! I am so excited, yet of course freaking out that I will forget something. I am a natural worrier. Oh, and we "kinda" told Abby about it. She knows it takes a plane ride to get there. But she did tell me that Minnie, Buzz Lightyear and Ariel live in DisneyWorld. Not sure why she picked those, but whatever.
  • Tomorrow we go to a classmate's party. Cinderella is making a surprise appearance. I really hope Abby does well as it will be an indication of our trip! 

And for my own memory:

Tonight, Abby wanted to play "bedtime". So I crawled in her bed and she put me to sleep. Turned on the music, tucked me in and said "Now, I am not coming back in here". I died with laughter, I love what she picks up on. 
Then Daddy came in and asked to play, she said "No, you need to go to work". 
I swear, I enjoy every minute with her. I love her age and her imagination. 


gammydi said...

looks like you got a lot of things done while we were away. Love the tree and Abby's bed.

Wiz said...

Can't believe the dog story!! I laughed until I read that they had to put their dog down! That is crazy! Did they check the codes? Was the neighbor even allowed to have chickens? Hope you have a great Disney trip!