Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Circle Time

 I love Abby's imagination.

3 (almost 4) is my favorite age. 

Some random things:

Tonight she set up her stool in front of the TV for "circle time" and read us a story. Complete with asking questions and telling us "Good Job" if we answered correctly. 

She told us that her friends at school told her that her shirt was ugly. She said that she liked it though, so she would keep wearing it.

Last night, she made up a song in the bathtub. It was the same thing over and over "I have to put soap on you first, because that is how you get clean". She used different voices and sang it to her fish that is over her faucet, singing it to her. I videoed, but since she is in the bathtub, I won't post it. But it was hilarious. 

She has a color chart at school, ranging from red that is a call to the parents to purple that is a treat in the treasure chest. She usually stays on green (average) to blue (above green). Yesterday, she was yellow for being "sassy". 

We went to a furniture store on Sunday and ordered her mattress (still need a bed frame though, sigh). We were in the office checking out and she had my phone. The place was slammed, but Abby felt it necessary to go through all my pictures and tell the lady checking us out what every picture was. This poor woman was so patient. And I was shocked that Abby was talking to a stranger as that never happens! 

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gammydi said...

she is just too precious... love her imagination. such a clever little girl.