Thursday, November 8, 2012

Princess Abby

 Abby told me tonight to stay in the kitchen as she had "stuff" to do in her room. 

She came out and told me that she was now "Princess Abby" and I needed to call her that! 

Other Princess News:

  • Abby has seen a new commercial for Disney World a few times. Every time it comes on, she talks about going to see that "real" castle that comes on at the beginning of her movies. Translation: Cinderella's Castle
  • She has no idea we are going to Disney in about a month. 
  • We are invited to one of Abby's classmates birthday party in a few weeks. Normally, I don't go to these since I don't know that many of the other parents. But it is a Princess Party...and Cinderella is making an appearance! I think we are going to do it.
  • And hopefully this party will be a good indication of how she will do meeting the characters at Disney.

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gammydi said...

she is just too much. such a character