Friday, November 23, 2012

*SOB* Blog Help

Hello All! 

I hope this weekend finds you eating leftovers and putting up Christmas decorations. 

I know that is what I am doing! 

But I need help/advice!!!

Blogger is telling me that I am out of space. And can't put more pictures on my blog. My options are to pay $2.49 a month to up my space. 

Has anyone encountered this? Did you pay it?

I tried to create a Picasa account (which is what Blogger uses to store pics), but I just can't figure it out.

Anywoo, bear with me while I figure this out!

Friday night randoms:
  • We leave for Disney in 17 days. That makes my heart beat harder and palms get sweaty. We got our "Official" paperwork and luggage tags today. We booked through an agent and she sent Abby an autograph book for the characters. So sweet! 
  • We had a real Christmas tree last year. It worked out perfectly since we put it in the dining room, where we don't go that much. This year, since we now have a dining room table, we are putting it in the living room. I am dreading the 1 million pine needles that will be in my house. 
  • I plan on buying a fake one as soon as they go on sale after Christmas. I am thinking pre-lit. 
  • Christmas tree = wrapping presents. Oh yea, starting it now. 
  • 20/20 Breaking Polygamy is riveting. I don't know why (well, I am weird), but this just fascinates me.
  • Finally.....I bought Abby's bed tonight. Stu is picking it up tomorrow and we bought her new sheets/comforter today. When I can, I will put up pictures. I love it!
 Happy Turkey Day Weekend!


Sue B. said...

So happy for you and your family going to Disney. Abby will absolutely love it. She is the perfect age to understand everything. I went many years ago and haven't been back since...and my girls haven't been there yet. Maybe someday, God willing.

I think you will be very happy with a pre-lit artificial tree. We have had ours for over 14 years and it still looks good...and there has never been any problems with the lights. It's so easy to put up also...I love mine!!

Wiz said...

Two things: I just got the notice I was full too. I just bit the bullet and paid the $2.49. From looking at the jump in storage I dont think that I will ever have to pay more than that. I asked a few people and it seemed that after a few years, you use up your max storage. You can either delete pictures from your picasa account (which deletes them from your blog) or pay.

And secondly, we bought a new tree after Christmas, plus tons of ornaments too. It worked out well. I love fake trees. So much easier and cleaner :)