Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ugly Sweaters and New PJs

Saturday night, Stu and I went to a Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Our first ever! I have been excited all week about it!
Here is Lindsay posing in her ugly sweater/nightgown in front of the tree.

Stu and I in front of the fire. Stu "made" his by adding a festive Santa and stockings to a regular sweater. Mine says "Grandchildren are my little deers". Loved them!

All the girls. Aren't we a lovely sight?
(And yes, that is a basketball that Autumn in holding. Apparently she is the captain of our team)

Stu and Randy had already left....but here are the rest of the guys. Looking super cheesy in their Christmas sweaters.

Lindsay, Amber, Carrie, Autumn, Katie, and Amanda

Teesha and Tina trying on wigs.
I have really been wanting to get Abby some more winter pj's.

She was not having the picture, so I will have to try to get another. But how cute are these owl button up pj's. And as I suspected, she figured out how to unbutton them. She spent the rest of the night doing strip teases for us. I am curious to see if she will have them on in the morning.
Some other things we did this weekend....

Abby "hid" from me.

Then jumped out when I said "Where is Abby?"

She was so happy that she tricked me.

I spent the afternoon putting up old clothes and shoes in a bin.

Abby was not happy about this and spent about 30 minutes trying on her old shoes to make sure they didn't fit.
I am hating the snow. I drove from Mboro to Smyrna about 3:00 today. Bridges were frozen and the roads were just bad. I think Abby felt my fear - she was completely silent in the car and just stared at me with a worried look on her face. Hopefully the salt trucks are out tonight as I am not looking forward to the drive to work. Terrified is a better word for it!

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gammy said...

well, i was thinking the sweater was going to be uglier, but I can see why he won. Abby playing peek-a-boo i love playing that. love her new PJ's