Monday, December 20, 2010

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Abby woke up Sunday morning with a GIANT zit on her nose. I didn't get a picture that day, but Stu took one tonight. It actually looks better today.

We didn't know that she would get zits this early on!

Can you tell how happy she is that Daddy is taking her picture?


Short Story:

We thought our dishwasher was broken. We would load it, turn it on, then walk away.

Not really paying attention, we would go back later in the day. The dishes are still dirty and no soap. WTH??

So, Stu finally decided to "watch" it so that we could call the maintenance people and tell them exactly what was wrong. He loaded the soap and turned it on and sat back to watch/listen.

About five minutes later, the pitter patter of little Abby feet turned the corner. She walked right up to the dishwasher and pulled the knob to turn it off.

Mystery solved!

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gammy said...

now that is the best story ever. I just love it. never laughed so hard. poor little girl and a zit on her nose. ahhhh