Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching Up

I have been SO bad about taking pictures, so I haven't really felt like blogging since I didn't have any pictures to go with it!
But I do have a few on my camera, so I thought that I would share.
Saturday morning, Abby and I woke up early (not my choice).
My favorite part of the morning was when I told Abby it was time for breakfast. She was ready for breakfast with her pearls and People magazine. That is a gal after my heart!
Abby's room is about 5-10 degrees colder than the rest of the apartment since she had no curtains and she has two walls that face the outside. I have been meaning to get her some curtains and finally got around to it.
Can you tell how much time I spent ironing them??? That would be zero minutes. Maybe one day....

Aren't her new snowman pj's adorable??

I got home from work today at 6. I walked in the door to a sleepy pissed off little gal.

Apparently, she had JUST woken up from a nap.

This is how the rest of the night went down.

It was horrible.
I felt so bad for her, she really tested my patience tonight. But I think we did OK, I am learning that the Terrible Two's are here in full swing.
But when she is sweet, she is oh so sweet.
Right now (since she is not even remotely tired), I can hear her saying over the monitor, "Momma, I love you! I love you!!!!"
At one point tonight, I walked in the other room and came back to this. She was in her stroller strapping herself in. I had to explain that it was waaaay too cold to go anywhere.

Here are a few pictures that I took off Facebook from Gammy.

Chris, Evan, Abby, and Buddy in the front.

Abby posing in front of Gammy's Christmas tree.

Isn't she so sweet? And yes, she is getting another haircut this week!

Girl loves her hat. Wants to wear it all the time.
Going back to the dealing with the Terrible Two's, I consider myself a pretty laid back, easy going parent. But she can try me!
I read other Mommy Bloggers and also am part of a Baby Center of other mom's that have kids my age. It really helps to hear other mom's going through the same thing. We all parent differently, but it is so encouraging to know that ALL kid's go through "bad" phases. And that they will pass and our dear angels will come back to us. Even if sometimes it is for a fleeting moment, it is well worth the tantrum earlier.
I love that little gal more and more every day and am so grateful that she is in my life.


gammy said...

Abby is great at the breakfast table I love it. Didn't those pictures come out pretty good. I tried to get to some others, but my foot got in my way. so glad she was able to help with out tree. all three of my grand children put the ornaments on the tree themselves.

Anonymous said...

Bring those curtains to me and I will iron them.