Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Season of Giving

It is the time of year to start giving!
Here a few causes that I personally enjoy:
Let's Say Thanks! Simply click on this link, choose a card, and enter your name. This will send a Christmas card to a service member overseas.
Salvation Army - I hope that you can't pass these brave men and women standing out in the freezing cold without dropping money in the kettle.
Angel Tree - 1.7 Million Children have parents in prison. By donating to these children, they are still able to experience the joy of Christmas. Because really, that is what is the season is about.
Christmas in La Represa - For $25 you can sponsor a family to have a portrait done. These are families that may not have any family portraits ever done. It also covers a Christmas dinner and toys for the children.
St Jude's Children's Hospital - I try to donate at least once a month to this hospital. I am blessed to have a healthy child, but cannot even begin to imagine the heartache for sick children and their parents.
These are just a few of my favorite ways to share the love this season.
Abby had her second haircut tonight. I did not get any pictures as it took four adults to hold her down.
But you can see her cute little bangs in this picture.

Now, off to watch Barbara's 10 Most Fascinating people (I love Kate Middleton). Oh...and work on the 70 cards (Christmas and Birthday cards) that I have to address....

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gammy said...

love her haircut and her outfit. I had a nice lunch with Stuart,Abby,Kevin and Chris on Friday. Chris and Abby were so sweet. Giving all year long to those in need and then at Christmas warms my heart. There are so many in need. My grandfather used to ring the bells and we always give. The boys always put money in the red buckets every time we pass one.