Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Pictures

Here are some cute pictures that I took of Abby tonight (and yes, she has the same pj's on - it was a cold day!)

She loves snuggling her giant stuffed animals.

She just laid on the floor with them.
(see Ali's leg - she thought they were animals ready to attack and just kept barking and growling at them)

Here is a better picture of her pj's. And Ali on high alert!
I noticed that Abby was playing with my camera, but didn't have the energy to fight her.
Here are a few of the best ones (that aren't just the ceiling)....

I guess she wanted to show her pj's as well.


Hoping and praying for no ice tomorrow!!

1 comment:

gammy said...

abby def. knows how to use the camera. great shots. she is so lovable with her stuffed animal and ali so cute watching.