Wednesday, December 8, 2010

23 Things to Remember

(Warning - Wordy Post!)
Since Abby is 23 months old, I wanted to tell 23 wonderful things about her!!
  • She is wearing size 18-24 months or 2T depending on the brand.
  • Abby is in size 5 diapers - need to start potty training!
  • Abby loves her paci. We are trying to only give it to her at nap and bed time, but she wakes up screaming in the night if she can't find it. And pretty much lifts her little arm and says, "Mine" all the time to indicate that she wants it.
  • She loves to be rocked at night. I usually ask her to get her reindeer (the stuffed animal she has slept with for months) and blanket out of the crib and then we rock for about 5 minutes.
  • If 5 minutes is not enough, then I have to hold her and let her put her head on my shoulder for about another 5 minutes.
  • If Abby even thinks that we might be leaving the house, she will get my shoes and coat and insist that I put them on while saying "Go".
  • Gal loves to dance. Her current favorite song is Black Eyed Peas "Time of Your Life". She loves the "you, you, you" part and totally sings along.
  • Abby and I do our crunches every night. She leads the workout. We lay on our backs and kick our legs, then cross them. She loves the fact that I copy her every mood.
  • Abby is a little obsessed with bellies. She will raise her shirt and scream "Belly" at the top of her lungs. It is especially fun when she sees my belly and screams "Belly, Belly, Belly".
  • Every night, we watch the Wheel of Fortune and Abby claps and cheers every player on. Then she watches whatever comes on after that on the couch with us.
  • She doesn't watch many cartoons so when the Saturday morning ones come on, she is all about them. Especially Mickey Mouse Club.
  • When dinner (hot or cold) is set in front of her, she says "Hot" and blows on her food.
  • Still loves to read stories to me. Can't understand her, but I nod and encourage her to keep reading.
  • Since it has been so cold, we don't get out at night. But when she does see the moon, gets so excited, it is hilarious.
  • I am very surprised, but she has left the Christmas tree and wrapped presents alone under the tree. I have a few ornaments under the tree that I plan on attaching to presents. She will play with those but that is it.
  • Loves juice and gets mad when it is milk instead.
  • Favorite food: salad, mac&cheese, ranch dressing (by itself) and grapes.
  • We gave her an old Nintendo controller the other night (since she likes to play with Daddy's). In about five minutes, she played it like a controller, said Hello into it, aimed it at the TV to change the channel and said "cheese" to take a picture. Kids today!
  • If she sees a picture of a person sleeping or crying, she gets so upset. She looks at me with deep concern inquiring if I am going to fix them.
  • We work on our flash cards occasionally. She can pretty much say all of the words back to me. But occasionally will say them in a deep, super scary voice. I like to laugh and call her my "children of the corn" kid.
  • Anyone under the age of 5 is a "baby" to her.
  • When taking her nightly bath - she has her own washcloth to wash her face. Then she likes to chew on the washcloth. I say, "Let me wash your bottom", and she will lean over and let me.
  • Brushing teeth - we count to 20. The finale is "tongue, tongue, tongue" where I wash her tongue with it.


Since I never do month updates - I really did this more for my own records. And if you can't tell - I am a huge fan of "quotes". I am off work tomorrow, so I hope to take a few pictures. And....we have Haircut #2!

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