Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Summary

I truly think that weekends exhaust me more than a work week. Get ready for lots of pictures!

We haven't had soccer in 2 weeks, so I was a little nervous about returning back on Saturday.

Abby blew me away. She stayed on the field the.whole.time.

She didn't play with any of the other kids, but she did stay out there and kick the ball around.

She had so much fun!

She hates when the coaches try to talk to her. Completely shuts down.

Sorry for the million pictures of soccer, but I was SO proud of her being on the field.

At the end of practice, they have a scrimmage where the kids put on jerseys.

She was so proud to show it off.

And it lasted about 2 minutes.

Abby and Landon hanging out on the sidelines.


Oh, I had such high hopes for picture day.

Can you find Abby? Oh yea, the kiddo with her hand in her mouth.

And the individual pictures......we get them in 2 weeks. You will have to see them to believe them.
It was brutal.


After soccer, we met friends at Jazzfest. Fun, no pictures.

Abby complained the whole way about not getting to push the stroller. So I finally let her and she had a blast.


We spent Sunday afternoon pulling dead branches out of our vines. Abby was so helpful, putting the branches in the trash bag and picking flowers.

But we got filthy. This is Abby waiting to wash her feet in the sink. And her hair was so sweaty it was glued back to her head.

(I need to write a post soon about what a good kid she is. Yes, she is on the edge of the sink...but if you tell her to stay somewhere, she is so good about listening)


6 months ago (!) I had a co-worker go to Ikea. I had seen on Pinterest where people took their spice racks and made book shelves out of them. I sent her with money to get me 3 of them.

About 2 months ago, I finally spray painted them white.

And TODAY, I finally got them put up.

So I introduce you to Abby's Reading Nook.

I am not a fan of the giant pink pillow and have intentions of making or buying her a bean bag. But since just doing the shelves took me this long, it works for now.

And I am pretty sure that Abby loves it!

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