Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cupcakes and Pinkalicious

This week is teacher appreciation week at Abby's school.

We decided to make cupcakes last night to take today.

For reasons known only to her, the Minnie Mouse headband had to be worn for this event.

She put it on herself :)

She was so excited to help put all the liners in the pan.

I just had to share this text message I sent Stu that night after making them (ignore the drawing, we are obsessed with Draw Something).

We had debated back and forth whether we had vegetable oil. I wanted him to go home and check before I went to the store.

I totally love the people I work with. They are always giving me stuff for Abby.


We love the Pinkalicious series in our house (and get the spin-offs at the library).

Apparently one of the fast food places has her in the kids meals. 

Abby was so excited when I pulled her out of my purse. 

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