Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh So Fun Weekend

This was yet another busy, fun weekend that seemed to just fly by.  

Abby had her last soccer game and this picture just about sums up the season.

She played (by herself) for about 15 minutes and then was done. They had a scrimmage, she was having none of it. They also handed out certificates, but hers is behind her back as she refused to let me take her picture with it.

Here is her "official" soccer picture. I honestly can't look at this picture without laughing until I have tears. I framed it, so I can take it to work. I'll never have a bad day again!

She was so upset about getting her picture taken.


I spent a wonderful Saturday night with these gals.....

Watching this.....

From the highest seats I have ever sat in.

We had an absolute blast at Miranda Lambert. It reminds me that I live so close to Nashville and don't take advantage of it.

And a girls night is always a good time!!!!


Today was hot. After lounging around for a bit, I decided to get Abby a new swimsuit and spend some time outside.

She wanted Puppy to take a picture first. Puppy goes almost everywhere with Abby, because in her words, "Puppy is my best friend!"

Shot from the back (her request).

The swimsuit model shot.

I bought her a 3T, but will be getting her another one that is larger - she is just so tall!

We also battled for about 10 minutes that you do NOT need underwear with a swimsuit. She was so upset that she wasn't wearing underwear as well.

We also bought a sprinkler, but Abby was terrified. So I filled up the water table instead. She loves that thing.

I kept trying to tell her that she could get the swimsuit wet. But she was too scared to get it wet.

Finally! A little bit of water on the suit.

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