Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What another busy weekend!

Get ready for lots of pictures!

This one is actually from Thursday morning.

Abby insisted on taking her purse. She is so stinking cute.

Saturday after running errands, we went swimming in the kiddie pool!

Abby loved it and I am so glad that we bought one.

After swimming, I cooked dinner while Abby "read" in her room.

Yea, this is what I walked into.

And she insisted on reading every one before she put them up.

************************ was off to the zoo!

Looking at turtles.

A giant snake.

Last time we went to the zoo, Abby was terrified in the reptile house. She refused to look at anything but the butterflies. This time though, she ran from window to window so excited to "find" the creature in each one.

I was so proud of her.

Look at that excitement in her face!

Stu and Abby petting the goat.

One of her favorites was the alligator.

But hands down, her favorite thing is the train.

We got to see zebras while on the train and she was overjoyed.

We did end up getting a year's membership, so I know we will be back soon. Although definitely when it gets cooler, it was way too hot to be out there.

They also have a Dinosaur exhibit going on right now. It was all that Abby could talk about the whole time. The second she saw the first dinosaur - she LOST it. Total meltdown and made me carry her through the whole thing.  

After it was over (we practically ran through it), she said that she NEVER wants to go back.


Today we went to a pool party. Abby was nuts so I didn't get any pictures.

But we did manage to get a group shot of the girls.

These are the best girls and I love having them all as my friends.

And one of them announced a baby on the way.....our group just never stops growing!

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SueB said...

That is so awesome that Abby loves to read all the books in her room. She is going to be the #1 Reader in Kindergarten!!

Also love her summer dress...too cute!