Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Overdue Random Post

I haven't done a random post in awhile and thought it was long overdue...so stick with me!

I am loving all the season finale's so far this week. Although I am so sad that Desperate Housewives is over. I have watched that show every Sunday night since it aired. Yes, it got silly and over dramatic, but I LOVED it. I am so sad that it is over. But the ending was fantastic.

Might I also add that I am not a Grey's Anatomy fan - but I ALWAYS watch the season finale's - they are awesome!

We have been watching Dancing with the Stars before Abby goes to bed. At first it was, "Let's watch the dancing ladies, Mommy." Then one night, William Levy was on there with his shirt open, now it is "Let's watch the boys bellies, Mommy". Stu is so not happy about this.

Sunday, I noticed that the tiles behind the master toilet looked wet. Last night, I noticed that they were really wet, like splashable wet.

Stu took the toilet apart and I had to get a new flush valve today. I am hoping that fixes it.

The joys of being a home owner!

I am such a sucker for telemarketers. I have been getting phone calls from a random number for a few days. Usually at work, so I don't answer. But they called tonight, so I picked it up. It was the nicest man and he said he was from the Gallup people. After talking to him for about 10 minutes answering a survey, Abby was very curious about him.

Abs: Who was that?
Me: A man asking questions.
Abs: What was his name?
Me: Lloyd (He had told me right before the call was over, so I remembered).
Abs: Hmm, well what color was his hair?
Me: (Uh??) Brown
Abs: Ohhh, brown like you?
Me: yes
Abs: (After thinking for a minute) And what was his name again?
Me: Lloyd
Abs: Oh, ok. (Apparently satisfied with my answer).


We have two very random holes in our ceiling. I actually never noticed them before, but Abby sure did. She is convinced they are eyes that watch her. Normally, she forgets about them, but every once in a while she will glance up and screech, "Oh, the eyes are there and watching me!".

I haven't talked about her creepiness in awhile, so there was a little tidbit :)

A year ago in May:

She looks so different to me now!


A year ago, my best friend lost her husband. I am praying so hard for her this week.

Abby is a super early riser on the weekends (think 6 AM, no nap, bed at 8 PM). I heard her Saturday morning about 5 AM, but knew that she would fall back asleep for a few minutes. As did I. About 5:30, I heard her again. Then I heard a loud "thunk" and she came running in our room crying.

"Mommy, I got locked in my room".

I remember when we were looking at this house, the two other bedrooms, the doors really stuck. It went away a few weeks after we moved in, but I have noticed that it is back. Maybe the hot weather?? Apparently, she got "stuck" in her room.

So I have been cracking her door every night. Most week days, I get her up, but occasionally she scares the crap out of me in the morning. She has more energy than anyone I know.

Me and 6 of my bestie's are headed to see Miranda Lambert this weekend. Girl's Night!!!

And I have a dress! Crazy town.

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