Thursday, November 3, 2011

So Hard To Post!

It is so hard for me to post during the week. Well....because basically we don't do much.

I get up at 5:15, get Abs up at 6, then drop her off at day care.

Stu picks her up at 5, we meet at home and make dinner. Baths, reading her favorite Elmo book, then bedtime. Then it is usually TV/computer and then bed.

Fun, right? Yea, not too much to post. But we love it - Abby makes us laugh every night.

Tonight, it was her way of saying croissant. Piss-Ant was the winner.


Potty training is going o-kay.

I know all parents probably say this, but Abby is a really smart girl. She just has no interest in the potty.

We got this chart from day care. Basically, you get a sticker for every potty visit. We are trying to incorporate this at home. Abby loves that it is at home, but as you can tell - there are no stickers!

I have no idea where she gets this stubborn-ness from! ;)


I just finished this book:

I have read all of Nicholas Sparks' books. Maybe I am just bored by them, but they all just seem so slow and predictable. It was a sweet story, but I read it super fast as it was an easy read. Usually that means no thinking about it - just fluff read.


I was out with work peeps the other night and mentioned that I liked "fluff books" which is what I consider books that really are silly. One of the guys thought I said "sex books". I quickly had to correct that!


Another reason that I haven't posted is that I have been trying to hit the Y a few nights. I really forgot how awesome I feel after working out. My house has never been so clean (after the work out I have tons of energy).

Speaking of clean house, my vacuum quit sucking! We are working on it, but we def. need some carpet cleaning!


Last thought:

I love John Grisham! I am reading this (yet one more reason for the non-posting).

I love it. I have always loved his books and this one does not disappoint. I even paid $14.99 to put it on my Nook.


gammydi said...

you know when life is good, it's good. Abby is a smart little girl. She will all of the sudden go potty all the time. Thanks so much for always sharing your life.

Wiz said...

I hear ya on no time to post. I also find that blogging is like working out. Once you get out of the habit, its hard to get back into it!