Thursday, November 10, 2011

Need a Laugh

Tonight, we needed a laugh.

I don't talk much about Ali, but she is a hilarious dog.

I was sitting on the couch tonight and I hear her go behind it. She knows she is not allowed back there, but will randomly go back there every few months. She always gets stuck.

She doesn't get stuck because of her size (even though she is overweight), she gets stuck because she is TERRIFIED of the cords (She went in the other way). It looks like she is touching them, but she really isn't. And she is shaking her tail so hard that she is blurry.

We usually have to move the furniture or unplug everything to get her out.

The reason that we need a laugh is that Stuart's Grandma has been in the hospital for a few weeks now. She has taken a turn for the worse and if she makes it through the night, they are sending her home to be comfortable tomorrow. We are all very sad tonight and she was the center of our Baby Jesus talks.

Prayers for her tonight and going forward. I hope she is at peace however the outcome.

We love you MeMaw!

1 comment:

Sue B. said...

Ann, the picture of your doggie is so cute...the way she is "trapped" behind the couch. It is a nice diversion considering the severity of Steve's mom's health.

May God Bless and continue to watch over Stuart's grandma so that she may be free from pain and suffering.

Thoughts and prayers going out to your whole family tonight.