Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can't Stop, Smiling

Stu, Abby and I had plans to go look for a Christmas tree tomorrow. The idea was to cut ours down at a local farm. With the threat of rain, we changed our mind and bought one at Lowe's tonight.
My house smells (almost) overwhelmingly like pine trees!
I could not be happier.
Lost my camera again, these pics are from my phone.
Daddy screwing in the tree and Abby watching from the side.
"Where are the light's Daddy?" She asked 100 times.

End Result: An incredibly crooked tree.

Stu had plans to go out for his friend's birthday, so he got it secure and we are going to work on it tomorrow. I am just really hoping that it doesn't tumble to the ground in the night!

Christmas has started at the Staples. Abby keeps asking to "play Christmas" since the decorations were brought down.

Soon enough, soon enough.

Tonight, I will sleep peacefully with this new wonderful smell in my house!


gammydi said...

I love this picture of Stuart and Abby under the tree. How precious. This is so exciting. can't wait to come see it when all is decorated

Wiz said...

Way to go for putting up a real tree. We do a fake premade tree and I wouldnt have it any other way, ha!

Anonymous said...

Love the smell of Christmas Trees in the house. We always buy an artificial tree & I miss having a live one.