Sunday, November 6, 2011

1st Weekend in November

What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be!

Saturday, we went to our favorite, The Discovery Center.

Not a good picture, but check out the hair with the BOW in it.

We met our friends there. How cute are these kiddos?

My friend, Tracy, has 3 girls! Ruby 6, Riley 2 and Reagan 3. Bless her. But Abby loves hanging out with them. They are moving in January and I will be very sad as she is my Discovery Center partner!

Today we went to church and then I ran errands all afternoon (be jealous of my exciting life ;).

I had promised Abby to take her back to the park though.

We went to the one right down the road. Abby loves the swings.

And Bunny loved it as well.

She was even brave enough to try the tire swing.


During bath time, I walked into this:

"Uh Abby, what exactly are you doing?"

"Getting my forehead wet Mommy."

That girl has a wild imagination.

Check out that potty chart!

She earned a sticker Saturday night (Yes, I wrote the date and time on there)!

And last, but not least.......check out that money shot!

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gammydi said...

congrats Abby on the potty sticker! so glad you go to the discovery with friends.