Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Running Around Like Mad

The main feedback that I have gotten from Abby's Day Care is how shy she is.

I swear, she just saves it up for when she gets home. She talks non stop from 5:30 to 8. She talks so fast that she starts stuttering and not even making sense. Stu and I crack up every night.

I got her new shoes at the Sugar Babies sale (hello...Stride Rite for $3!).

She broke them in.

We honestly did over 100 laps around the house. Even Ali gave up after awhile.

She comes up with the funniest things.

After a few laps, she said "Let's go around with sunglasses on". So we both put on our sunglasses on and we were off!

Then we wore stickers for a few laps.

Then laps that we walked.

Then laps with Ali on her leash (Ali did not enjoy this).

She crashed pretty hard tonight.


Tonight is reminding me of how much I love Nashville.

CMA's Baby!

Maybe one day......

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