Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loving the Camera/Potty Training

Abby has been hamming it up for the camera lately.

She is constantly saying, "Take a picture, Momma!"

After Daddy dressed her Saturday morning. The shirt was too big, so we did have to change later. (And more on Daddy watching her in a minute).

So excited about her pig-tails.

The full shot.

Go ahead, get your laughs out. Yes, she has on giant plastic panties. And no pants. And purple socks. And white sandals that are 2 sizes too small.

If you look extra close, you can see faint red lines on her knees. Stu got up with Abby on Saturday morning. I woke up to him saying over the baby monitor, "Oh Abby that is not coming off". Knowing that can't be good, I got up and was greeted by the sight of my child completely covered in non-washable red marker. She had covered both hands and arms, her legs, her feet, even between her toes!

We soaked her in the bath for 30 minutes (the water was pink), and it is STILL on there. I am soaking her once more in the morning before day care to hopefully get the last of it off.

Stu claims that he was on the couch and she was behind it and he thought that she was just playing.


Tonight was Grandma Susie's visitation. She had an excellent turnout and it was great to see all the people who's lives she has touched.

I pretty much spent the night making sure these 3 kiddos behaved. They ran wild for 3 hours! I am exhausted.

Someone else was too.

She slept the whole way home.


Potty training update.....excellent!

Yes, I am too lazy to change the sheet once it is full. But Abby doesn't seem to mind.

She is doing so awesome with the #1 part. She even went in her first public restroom tonight! We have tried in the past, but she would never actually go. She is still wearing pull-ups, but more of a precaution. And she is good about telling me that she needs to go.

#2 is a whole different story. She blows her diapers out without a peep. But at least we are progressing!

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