Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hit or Miss?

 Back by Popular Demand is my review of the Globes fashion. 

Check out 2011 - HERE and 2010 - HERE.

*Disclaimer - I am in no way a fashionista. My idea of fashion is yoga pants and a 5K race t-shirt (Hey, I earned that shirt coming at under an hour!). And I'm too lazy tonight to even learn (or spell) some of these people's name. We will just call them all "She".

But here we go! 

Best Dressed:

Claire Danes - Hands Down, Best Dressed. The hair and makeup are an A+. And she just had a freakin' baby. Girl rocked the dress and the color.

Refer to any of my other lists and you know I adore Heidi. Her stylist rocks at life. Seal must be sad. 

I might be biased on this one as I love Nashville. I think she always looks fresh and her age. A little wedding-dressy, but she pulled it off.

Adores! She has really come along way in her fashion. This was a great choice and she is going to go a long way. Both in her career and working the carpet. 

I am really loving the colors that popped on the carpet. I think this dress worked really well with the necklace and mermaid, but with a twist, bottom of the dress. 

I actually surprised myself with this like. But I think it worked for Julia. I can't even really explain this one, but I just really liked it.

She is adorable. Like want to put her in your purse cute. I think it is great that she plays a teenager on tv, but really brought some adult style to the red carpet.

Again, loving the color. Overall, she is annoying to me (other than the can-watch-it-a-hundred-times-and-still-laugh Elf), but I thought she did great with her choice. 

Tina has come a LONG way on the red carpet. Alone, she might not have made the best dressed (but not worse dressed either), but since she brought along her BFF and for some reason I think they coordinated their look, she made it to the best dressed.I thought they looked cool as crap.

This was not her night to shine (since she seems to win every award known to man for music, but I can't even touch that one). I did like the color, the adult hair and makeup. She might just stick around.

A little frumpy, but hell, she has Sofia to compete with. Color was great. I like the shoes and perfect amount of skin (speaking of, I bet there was a LOT of body glue used tonight) showing.

Same look, different day. BUT - it works for her. She has the curves and the voice that transcends time. She might have gotten my vote solely for the comment "My girlfriend and I are pissing ourselves tonight" I love the British.

Not the best picture, but this dress was really pretty on the screen. Plus, I just love her. 

Dress, Ok. Arm Candy, A+++.     


She was one of the first that I saw on the Glam Cam. Although not that famous in my head, this dress was pretty awesome. 

Worst Dressed:

You are old. Embrace it. Yes, I know your boyfriend is 13. But you are a momma. At least try to hide your lady parts. 

You embraced old. Maybe you and J-Lo should talk and come to a compromise. 

I like her. I do. And I realize that red hair is hard to match. But she should have tried harder. And used some boob tape to put those babies up. 

Pregnancy is not an excuse for the neckline. You look like a linebacker. Take notes from the 1 million other pregnant women and find a better dress. Hell, I own a cuter pregnancy dress.  

I almost fell off the couch when this one popped up. YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS. And you picked an ugly dress. GO AWAY. (Ali from The Bachelor in case you didn't know - and burn that from your memory)

Anna, Banana, Fo-Fana. Sorry, that brought back flashbacks to elementary school. 

Horrible, horrible color. 

She could not be my roommate. She just looks possessed. And can I please get a WTF on the circles on the chest (more to come)?

Love her. Total fail on the flesh on flesh dress though. Us pale girls know better. And no, the old Hollywood hair didn't "fix" it. 

So very sad. I love Anne. What a plain, boring dress. Great hair, great speech. But girl, the wedding was over. 

Sorry, your arm candy didn't save you. I hate crazy, shiny things. 

 I hope you find love, I do. Desperate Housewives was one of my favorite shows. But keep your leg in check until you land another hot role. Don't be the slut on the red carpet.

My eyes, My eyes! Can you see me reflected off the screen? I hate to say it, but if you wear something that tight, invest in some spanks. 

Yea, I'll catch flack for this one. But I hated the circle in the middle of all the dresses. Real women have boobies. 

We watched the Bourne Identity Friday night. I love Rachel, she was awesome in this movie. But this dress....oh hell no. I think if she had left the bottom veil-thing off, she might have been ok. But, I hate this dress. 

 This dress would not have even made either list if not for the random ab-cutout. It was so freaking random. Her and Will's commentary was the best of the night, but I hate this dress.

If I didn't know who this was, I would say, "Wow, what a classic lady". Goodness, she looks old. She made worst dressed because she just looks so.....old. She is beautiful, but I expect more out of her. 

Maybe she is so "fashion-forward" and I am "fashion-backward". But I hated this dress. Now....when I am picking out Abby's dress for her upcoming flower girl appearance, this will be an option. Other than, just no.

*I'm still watching the globes. But....I hate Sacha Baron something, Tarantino is drunk, and how the f did CA hire a governor that after COUNTLESS years in the US can't learn the language. I'm just saying.

****So......what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Who did I miss? ****


gammydi said...

agree with all and the reasons. I do love when you do this. I always look forward to it...

Anonymous said...

I just wished I knew who some of these ladies are. It would help if you identified them. I really enjoy your comments!