Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last Day of Disney

 Whew - Our Last day in Disney

We had such a great time, but by that last day we were done! We had another pass for a day at the parks. But decided that fighting the weekend crowd/trying to pack/catch the bus was just too much. 

So we decided to take it easy and relax!

Abby cashed in all her arcade points and got a mini-Ali dog. Puppy is still her favorite, but little Ali is very close. 

Posing with the Mickey at Downtown Disney

Riding on the carousal - she loves these so much! 

There is an awesome store there...Lego's. Abby spent about an hour here with Stu while I was able to shop. She adores Legos and putting everything together. She got two sets for Christmas and we have put them together numerous times.

One of our regrets of Disney was not getting a picture with  Daisy Duck. But Abby did get a picture with a kinda-Daisy. 

After we left Downtown Disney, I convinced Stu to take a bus to Art of Animation, Disney's newest resort. It was right next to our resort and I KNEW we could walk to it. He was not so sure, but we had plenty of time until we had to catch the bus to the airport.

This resort's layout was very similar to ours, but much more updated. We had originally planned to stay there, but saved too much money to justify it. 

They had a pretty cool playground area. 

And watching Stu and Abby both kiss a fish was quite entertaining! 

 And as I predicted (don't doubt Momma), there was a cool little bridge linking Art of Animation to our resort at Pop Century. It was deserted as everyone was at the parks! 

We got back to the hotel with plenty of time to catch the bus back to the airport. 

One of my main concerns on this trip was Abby on an airplane. Last time she flew was at about 10 months and it was a nightmare (screaming baby, blowout, my first time in an airplane bathroom, lost name it, it happened).

 She was a dream! She just laid her head on my lap and fell asleep with no problem. From my little non-napper, I was pleasantly surprised. The flight was about an hour and 15 minutes and she slept about an hour on the way back.

We missed her fur-baby Ali and Abby's first thing she did was introduce them! 

I took off Monday to unpack and do our laundry (oh wait, we didn't have a washer). And this hit! Hail! I was so missing that warm weather!

We had an awesome time. It was overwhelming and alot to take in, but we overall had a great time! Disney is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

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gammydi said...

I love how you describe your trip... plenty of detail. so glad you guys enjoyed your trip.. love all the pictures.