Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enjoying the (Brief) Nice Weather

 Last weekend on Saturday, it was gorgeous outside. 

So Abby and I headed to the local park. She wanted to ride her scooter to the park, but since we live at the top of a giant hill and this was her first time I figured that was not a great idea.  We drove there instead.

All geared up in her new helmet and knee/elbow pads. 

 She had a blast, even though it was short lived.

 But she did get a few good turns around the park. Girl was concentrating! 

She did so good on her scooter!

See that rock wall in the background. I usually help her with it, but she insisted that since she was 4 now, she could do it on her own. Pretty sure she fell off of it, while other parents glared at me. 

This weekend, after being sent home from school on Friday with a high temp, she was diagnosed with the flu. I was told that she was the most rambunctious "flu" kid seen lately. She was much better by Sunday, but stayed home Monday just in case. 

Here's to hoping that she is the only one in the house that gets it!

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