Monday, September 24, 2012

Spencer's First Birthday

 This gorgeous weekend, I was able to attend Baby Spencer's First Birthday! 

Check out this adorable sailboat/whale cake. 

The birthday boy was infatuated with bald-headed "Uncle Stu".

Abby loved jumping off the porch.

 The birthday boy opening presents.

He quickly abandoned the presents, so Momma got to open the rest of them. 

One of his favorite presents was a lawn mower.

Eventually, Spencer's cousin Elizabeth got in on the action as well.

Abby being a ham. 

 Spencer and Elizabeth riding in the wagon.

 And the best part...the smash cake!

Spencer was pretty hesitant and just really wanted to pat it. 

Love him! Can't wait to see him get bigger and bigger!

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gammydi said...

wow so many great pictures of your friends son's birthday