Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby Addison's Bday

 Saturday we went to Addison's First Bday. 

Abby has a friend in school named Addison, so I had to make sure that she knew this was "Baby" Addison.

The sweet family. 

Abby and Caden running circles. 

Opening presents. 
Brynn, the sweet blonde in the stripes, is in my Wed night class I teach at church. She was so impressed that I was there. I went to her house tonight as well and she kept calling me Ms. Ann.

Abby was like a little monkey on the spider web.

This was our first time at the Kid's Castle that was rebuilt and Abby had a ball. 

Brynn and Abby on the flying saucer swing. 

I just love those little girls! 

This little guy steals my heart as well. He just started kindergarten and is so freaking hilarious. 

These little boys just wanted me to keep taking their picture. 

Maybe a future beau for Abby??!!!

More monkeying around with a new friend, Jenny. 

I literally had to drag Abby away from this tunnel. 

She thought it was the best thing in the world to climb in here. 

We will definitely have to go back to this playground!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Addison!

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