Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playing Hooky

 I had some extra vacation time saved up at work and took a few days off to clean my house for a much anticipated "Girls Night In" I have planned for Saturday night. 

But first, Abby and I needed a girls day to hang out and have fun. 

We started the day out with our favorite girl, Ali. 
She needed an annual visit to the vet. 
$200 later, we left the vet with all her shots up to date and lots of medicine for an ear infection. 
Let me just say (again), I am so squeamish. But I have to put drops in her ears and wash them out every day. Ugh.


Then we were off! To the zoo!

Somehow we have never done the carousal there. 

But we did this time and Abby loved it. She got to pick her animal and wanted the monkey/gorilla. 

I love this picture! 

Not happy about a picture with the giraffes. 

One of her favorite places there is the reptile exhibits. It gives me the creeps, but she loves to "find" all the creepy crawly bugs. 
And loves the butterflies as well. 

The highlight is always the train though. And I even talked her into going by herself this time. 

I was so proud of my big girl. 

She was so excited to wave at me every time it came around. 

Since we went on a Thursday, it was not crowded at all. Loved it!

When we first got there, she told me "I am really tired, so I am going to sleep in the stroller. But if you see any cool animals, can you wake me up? Don't wake me up if they aren't cool."

Hahaha - she never slept, but she says the funniest things!


Then we went to my parents to celebrate my sweet Momma's birthday. 

I bought my mom a new picture frame and wanted a picture of them to put in it. 
This was the best that I got. 
I think she was tired of all the pictures. 

Abby talked the whole way to my parents about spraying Daisy (the dog). 

My parents have an insane dog that loves to eat water. They are far away (as Abby kept trying to spray me), but this dog leaps in the air to drink the water out of the hose. It was so freaking funny. 

We had a great day and are both completely exhausted. 

On to house cleaning tomorrow!

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gammydi said...

looks like a great day and lots of fun...