Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mid Week Ramblings

 I really need to take more pictures. I only have 4 from the past week. 

But we have a big day planned for tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some to post. I took 2 days off work to spend some time with Abs and get stuff done around the house. Yay for a 4 day weekend! 

Saturday we went to her cousin Evan's 11th birthday.

The only picture that I got was Abby smoking everyone on the air hockey table. It was decorated so cute in Orioles theme. 


I am seriously kinda obsessed with our Disney vacation (90 days!). 

We have two Mickey and friends meals planned and one with the Disney Junior characters. I'm still waiting on a Princess meal to open up as well. 

I know one little girl that is going to have a crazy week!
(and two exhausted parents)


Abby loves to go to the park by our house. I am loving this nicer weather so I took her and Ali for a walk there on Sunday. Good to be outside and great exercise for me.

Abby is an extremely smart kid (every parents thoughts, right?) but she has been getting in trouble at school lately. Today, I got a note that she had slapped another kiddo in the face. They said she redeemed herself later in the day, but it still upsets me. We talk almost nightly about how to be nice to her friends at school. 

Fall evaluations are coming up soon, so I will probably schedule a parent/teacher conference to see what we can do to curb this behavior. We have been taking away privileges at home, but maybe more needs to be done.

I asked her tonight why she kept following me around (when I had repeatedly told her to put her pj's on). She said, "I am following you because you are my best friend".

What a sweetie.

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gammydi said...

glad you liked the Orioles. I think it was for all my boys. No one seemed as excited as me. oh well... Glad Abby had fun and you got a picture of her playing air hockey. At least they enjoyed that. She is a cutie. She could just be getting frustrated at school because she is so smart and maybe bored. Maybe they can challenge her a bit more at school. good luck