Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beautiful Saturday

 I Heart is my most favorite time of the year.

I should totally take a snapshot of my calendar as it so full. 

Kickoff started today.

 We started the day with underwear on the head. This is how we roll. 


Then after errands, went to Depot Days in Smyrna.

Met my bestie and her family there. Seriously, little conductor Spencer is the cutest baby ever. 

Abby was more than stoked to ride the ride the train with Nana as well. 

Abby was so thrilled to wave at me. She waved to me every chance she got. 

Face painting. Her first choice was a pumpkin, but when we couldn't get that, she chose a phone. 


After some resting at home, we went to the park. 

Abby kept yelling "I am driving the fire truck."

Going down the big slide. 

Abby riding her bicycle. 

Been working on Monday's post for on/off a month. Hope it turns out well....stay tuned.

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