Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Update

My "new"computer hates me. Hates Me. I spent 50 minutes on the phone tonight trying to fix it and then just gave up. I guess I will try again tomorrow.


Potty training is going well. Obviously it is hard with only seeing Abby a few hours a night (and a quick potty in the morning), but she does really well on the weekends when I can work with her. She is doing pretty well at school though.


To all of you that asked for my address....you are on top of your game. I finally ordered mine today and as soon as they get here, I will send them out!


I will leave you with a few pictures that didn't make the cut, but I still love them:


SueB said...

Great news about the potty training!!

Your family photos were just beautiful...your friend is a wonderful photographer!!

gammydi said...

ahhhh I love this picture of you Abby... Well I saved to my computer so I have it anyway..glad potty training is going well.. how is the other part of it..? what is your computer doing? maybe I can be of some assistance if you can't get them to help out... let me know