Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Pics

We had a fantastic Christmas and one lucky little lady got waaaay too much stuff!
I am already working on my "donation" pile of toys she doesn't play with.
Here are (an overload of) pics!
The day before. Abby loves taking our dinner food order while we make dinner.
That magna doodle comes in handy for order taking.
Opening her life-size Minnie from Amanda.
Lining up the cookie cutters to make Santa cookies.
(She added her own hair accessory and necklace....)
Taking a swing break with Dad while the cookies baked.

This was Christmas Eve decorating cookies for Santa.
Abby looks excited.
But Santa will be happy with all those delicious cookies!

And this is what he brought in the night.
A Princess Minnie checking out her new outfit in the mirror, her favorite book (that needed to be replaced), and a Princess plate. He also brought her the Tinkerbell movie and lots of fun stocking stuffers.
She loved her Minnie! She has changed her outfits no less than 100 times.
Opening more presents.
This puppy hat was also a favorite.
Opening a tea set at Nina and Poppas.
But I will say that one of the top hits was the game Ants in the Pants. Her and Jessie played for about an hour.....
Then we played for another 2 hours tonight.
She is convinced that the blue ones don't work. Girl is too funny.
Also, check out that new hairstyle. She got a hair cut today and it was the first time that she sat in the chair by herself. She was awesome, but sadly I didn't even have my phone on me.
Wish us luck tomorrow......first day of school in panties!!!
She has gone 3 days in undies with no accidents!!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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