Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Phone Pics and Random

I have a few random pics from my phone that I wanted to share.
And my random thoughts thrown in there as well!
There is nothing more sweet than a sleeping Abby. She is just so innocent. I can always tell how asleep she is by her hands. If she is out for real, then her hands are limp.
I love it. I think most of my cell phone pics are sleeping pics.
I am seriously running on empty. I didn't get more than 7 hours of sleep all nights of the "holiday". No naps or anything.
I have a huge birthday party to throw in 13 (!!!) days and have spent hours on it every night.
I am always so rushed in dropping Abby off at school in the morning. I was so excited to take a half day and attend her Christmas party at school a few weeks ago.
She was so excited to see me and pointed out all of her artwork around the room. I could seriously fill a room in my house with all of the stuff she brings home.
For some reason, I had it my head that Abby wasn't able to go to child care this year at church. (I thought it was under 2, but it was actually 2 and under) I had prepared her for "big church", so when Christmas Eve came, she was not about to go to the classroom. She was going to big church with Mommy and Daddy.
It was miserable. We sat on the back row. She dropped 3 pens, 2 pieces of paper and 1 cell phone off the back. The super nice people behind us picked them all up. And tore a hole in my scarf.
But the highlight was halfway through the sermon when Abby announced to the row that she needed to potty. I took her, she did her biz (4 days strong) and then ran back into the sermon and screamed "I went Pee-Pee Daddy!"
Redfaced, we made it through the rest of the sermon! We only got laughs from about 50 people. Reason for the season!

Seriously, how cute is she?

In her classroom, there was a Santa list on the wall. All the kids put what they wanted from Santa. For example, a new doll, action figure, etc.

What did Abby put?

New clothes.

Either that means she is a diva or we really need to get her some clothes!


I just noticed that she has on the same shirt on in all these pics. On different days. Maybe she does need new clothes!


Last random thought: I can't believe that my baby will be 3 in 10 days. And a birthday party (invited 60 people, what am I thinking?) in 13 days.

Time just flies. I love her too much!

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SueB said...

YAY Abby!! Great job on the potty!! What a big girl...keep it up!!

Can't believe she is going to be 3 years old already. Time really does fly by!! Looking forward to seeing her birthday party pics!