Thursday, December 1, 2011

I sniff it (a Random Post)

Is it strange that when I plug and unplug my tree, that I like to get a big ole whiff of that tree?
I think not. It smells wonderful.
Since it has been a year since we have had a professional photo shoot, I forget how awesome they are. I got a sneak peek at our photo shoot today via Lindsay's site. I might be a little obsessed with them. And I have only seen a few!
Abby washes her hands every night after dinner. Like a surgeon. Seriously, I think she has used an entire bottle of soap in a few weeks.
Tonight, she came back in the kitchen and told me there was a "scary guy" in the living room.
Way to freak me out.
I asked her to show me what she was talking about.
It was the nutcracker that was under the tree. I am obsessed with nutcrackers and get new ones every year.
So now, my precious nutcracker has to live at the top of the entertainment center. I can barely even reach him.
But at least Abby isn't scared to walk through the house!
I am so happy that I have a new laptop, but it makes me so mad. Apparently I have a "bad" wireless card. I can only use this thing if I am about 10 feet from the router. And any movement (i.e. the coffee table getting in the way) causes it to not work.
I will be headed to the store on Saturday to DEMAND it be fixed.
New shows that I am obsessed with:
Secretly Pregnant - Women/Girls that hide their pregnancies from family members.
Sister Wives: I don't agree with it, but they are very intriguing.
One Born Every Minute: Another show about child birth. What got me hooked was the last one. DVR was awesome!
It is too late for me to be up.
So I will leave you with these pics of spaghetti night.

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Wiz said...

Loved the family pictures!