Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy as an Elf

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

I love wrapping Christmas presents and Abby has caught the bug as well. She helped me wrap presents this weekend.

She was awesome at the cutting. She is still a world class cutter!

Showing me where to put the tape.

Folding the edges (just like Mommy).

Putting the finishing touches on.

So proud of her wrapping job!


Wrapping her presents tonight, I realized that my "shopping early" backfired on me. I had NO idea how much stuff I bought her as it was randomly stuffed in different places around the house. Well, at least her birthday is taken care of as well...I saved some of the presents for that.


Christmas cards are still in "print" status. They are supposed to be here by Friday....I'm hoping to see them before then! They will be out as soon as they get here. We have already gotten 5.....ours are on the way!


Just a little proof that she is the smartest kid I know.

She took these letters from the fridge while I was making muffins Sat morning. She had the choice of all 26 letters.

Yes, one of the B's is an "S", but she was was pretty durn close!


SueB said...

Abby looks like a pro at cutting that paper!! That is really advanced for her age. Way to go Abby!!

Loved her picture smiling with her wrapped present ~ so sweet!

Great job, also, with those letters! She's one smart little girl!

gammydi said...

keep it up Abby.. way to go. Learn from your mommy how to wrap presents. She always does a good job. You are just getting so big and I love your pigtails.