Monday, July 30, 2012

Girls Weekend

 For 10 years (yes, 10 years!), my girlfriends have done a weekend canoe trip on the Buffalo River. For the first time, the stars aligned and I was able to go.

I was so excited!! 

We went there Friday afternoon, canoed 8 miles on Saturday and drove back Sunday morning. It was the perfect weekend, catching up with my 18 (yes, 18) best friends and just getting some girl-time in. 

We were a little wild and crazy, so most of the pictures are not to be shared (ever!). 

But I can share these 2 - I think. 

 This is actually the first time they have stayed in a cabin (haha - and just happened to be the weekend that I went). 

We are so "grown-up" with all the minivans. 

This was the cabin - it was 3 in one and worked out perfectly for us. 

We pretty much dominated a little bar (seriously, there were maybe 6 people there besides us). But they knew we were coming and hired a DJ for us. Awesome-ness. 

We also had shirts made for the weekend (in case you are curious as to why we all have on the same shirt....)

All-in-all, it was so much fun. Sorry I can't share more pictures, but since they involve stripper poles, burpies, sleeping people, and a friend that came via a picture on a stick, my friends would kill me if they were made public. 

Here's to next year! 


On Sunday, we all met up again for Ethan's 2nd birthday party. 

I was chasing Abby around, but did get this hilarious picture. Ethan pretty much wandered off after 2 presents, so his momma opened the rest.

She got so much great stuff!

Lastly, please check out my sweet baby (who I missed sooooo much). I went by a consignment sale tonight and found these adorable Minnie Mouse shoes. Abby was in love with them. 

And insisted on showing her stomach when I took the picture.

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