Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firework Fun

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I am so grateful to have a few days off work as I am still fighting this stupid sinus infection.

I picked Abby up early on Tuesday and we made homemade cookies.

She had so much fun! She loved stirring everything up and only got about 10% of it on the floor.

Stu came home and made delish kabobs for us.

We went to the fireworks that night (Smyrna did them Tuesday night).

Abby was so excited to go (that girl is all talk). Once we got there, she crawled up in my lap and whined that she wasn't going to look.

She did warm up to them once they started. It was so stinkin' hot outside and I had been attempting yard work prior, so I was about to sweat to death. But we found a great spot this year and made it home 5 minutes later (as opposed to the hour wait in traffic the year prior).


I thought that since she was up until 10 PM, she would sleep in. No such luck. She came in our room at 5:45 and immediately threw up on the floor in the bathroom. After cleaning that up, she got in the bed and watched Toy Story. About 8:30, all of a sudden, she started vomiting all over our comforter, sheets, herself, me. It was traumatizing for all of us.

I have no idea what made her so sick, but she seems better now. There is nothing worse than watching a 30 pound baby heave her stomach up.

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