Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh What a Week.....

This week was one of the craziest that I have had in a long time!

I was busy as crap at work and if I wasn't working at night, I had other stuff to do!

So here is a recap of my week (hang on, it's long).


Tuesday night, Abby and I went to watch Stu play ball. Luckily, her BFF Callie and another sweet little girl were there. Those three had a freaking blast running on the bleachers and picking flowers.

Wednesday night, I volunteered at our church's VBS family night. I loved it!

I worked a bounce house and kids are just so hilarious.

My one "bad" moment was a mom that tried to scold me for not letting enough kids in. Uh, I know what I am doing - I had my 5 minutes of training (sarcasm). But in reality, I had already seen the bounce house collapse once (luckily with no kids in it), so I knew what the limit was.

And.....this is a CHURCH function. No need to yell at the volunteers.

The best moment was seeing one of my besties about 15 minutes after this happened. I was telling her the story and she said "Show me which one she is." My girls totally have my back (and no I didn't point the lady out).


One thing that has been ongoing this week was a bite on Abby's behind. It started out at as what looked like a bug bite that she was scratching. But as the week went on, it got BAD. Like blood and pus bad. And covering her entire behind.

This sweet little girl never complained!

I took her to the doctor on Friday afternoon and they diagnosed her with a staph infection. Boo!!!

But I can say after cleaning her bottom with soap and water repeatedly, she is looking alot better.  


So we pretty much just hung around the house on Saturday.

Playing dress up. She loves to dress like a Princess!

She also loves to put stickers on her face.

And then putting her hands on her face to make a "silly face".

We also did a little bit of swimming. She just adores that pool.


On Sunday, I woke up and said "Ok Stu, I cannot sit in this house all day!"

So we drove to Opry Mills and hung out.

This is outside the Aquarium restaurant.

Playing games at Dave and Busters.

Skee Ball. Abby only got it in once, but she was so excited!

Then we took Abby to her first movie!

I was obviously a little worried, but she did SO good. We went and saw Madagascar 3.

She sat quietly through the entire movie (with the help of candy and popcorn of course).

And Stu and I enjoyed the movie as well.

Pretty sure that busy day knocked Abby right out on the ride home.

As well as Daddy!

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gammydi said...

good lord girl you are busy. love the pics again. Abby is one crazy little girl. glad her bottom is better. Stuart told me about the dr. visit. I'd been furious I know you were....