Monday, June 18, 2012

Long Weekend

We had a long, weekend. It actually ended up being 3 days for me, as I was sick as a dog this morning. We are all fighting a little summer cold and it hit me hard today.

But anywhoo, here are the pictures from the weekend.

This was Friday morning. Abby told me that she was too tired to go to school.  

She went anyway.

Abby absolutely loves getting her face painted.

We went to the Moon Pie Festival on Saturday, and she got quite an elaborate drawing.

At first, she was way too shy to get her picture taken.

But once she got used to it, she was all smiles.

Watching the parade.

After the festival, we went and got Father's Day presents. I had to take a picture of this card that Abby wanted to get Stu. She wanted it because it looked like Ali, but I figured the cigar and beer was a little inappropriate for a 3 year to give her dad!

After that we went to a small event in downtown. Abby loves to bounce.

You can't see it in this picture, but there were some big kids in there. I was terrified they were going to knock her over, but she held her own.

The best part was her getting a balloon. We got a bunny balloon too, but she popped that 5 minutes after she got it. Boo!

That night was mani/pedi night. Abby loves to paint her own fingernails and show them off.

On Sunday we went to Stu's parents for burgers. Bouncey-Boo time!

They also have a pool that Abby had a blast in. The water was only about 80 degrees, but Abby swam until she was shivering.

She went around and around just like a "washing machine".

We had a great weekend.

 I spent half the day today in bed crying like a child in pain and the other half cleaning despite blowing my nose and coughing 1000 times.

Back to the work week tomorrow.....

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SueB said...

I can relate to the summer colds! My girls and I all have totally stinks!!

I would be happy if our pool was 80degrees! It's only about 72 now...but hoping with the hot weather it will warm up soon!

Abby looks adorable, as usual!