Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Soccer Success

 I signed Abby up for soccer again, per her request. Last year didn't go so great. I told her that IF I signed her up, she better play.

 She was all smiles and ready to go. I was still hesitant of course. 

Abby was on her "A" game. She has the pink ball and yellow ponytail. 

She listened to her coaches and followed all the instructions. 

 I did have to chuckle at the other kids, because we were totally there last year.

Success!!! I am so proud of my little soccer player. 

 After soccer, we went to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. She loved "driving" and I am pretty sure Stu had a mild heart attack imagining 12 years from now. 

Abby and her friend Callie. 

Playing air hockey. 

 On Sunday, Abby got too quiet and then appeared all dolled up. She loves dressing up like a princess.

Later that afternoon, we planted flowers at the mailbox. Abby loved it and was so proud of herself.

She insisted on watering them herself even though the can weighed as much as she did.

Sunday night, we painted my nails. Such concentration!

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gammydi said...

so glad soccer was a success... she is really growing up sweet... love her to pieces... flowers look great...