Monday, March 25, 2013


 This past weekend was full of parties. 3 to be exact. 

The first one was at a local ceramic place. Great place for 12 4 year olds! 

I was a nervous wreck, but it turned out ok. 

And....a pinata in a ceramic store. Epic! 

Abby was thrilled to get to paint a butterfly.
That cute little blonde next to her is one of her besties at school and she LOVES to see her friends outside of school. 

The birthday gal blowing out the candles. 

On Sunday it was Chuck-E-Cheese (every parents nightmare and we have another one in 2 weeks). 

Abby's cousin turned 5 this weekend as well, of course all of my pictures were blurry! 

We have a busy Easter weekend coming up...hopefully take lots of pictures!

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